Software for Pixhawk Hardware

Please select one of the options below for flight-related documentation (setup, tuning, flight modes):

PX4 Flight Stack

Flight control software from the PX4 dev team - comes as collection of individual applications for estimation and control, fully multithreaded. Runs on top of the PX4 environment.

PX4 Flight Stack

APM Flight Stack

Flight control software from the APM dev team - single application. Runs on top of the PX4 environment.


Pixhawk Hardware

All software solutions run on the Pixhawk autopilot, designed by the PX4 open hardware development team in collaboration with 3D Robotics.

PIXHAWK is the all-in-one unit, combining FMU and IO into a single package. With hardware floating point unit and SIMD. Details.

  • 168 MHz Cortex M4F CPU (256 KB RAM, 2 MB Flash)
  • Sensors: 3D ACC / Gyro / MAG / Baro
  • Integrated backup, override and failsafe processor with mixing
  • microSD slot, 5 UARTs, CAN, I2C, SPI, ADC, etc
  • Order from 3D Robotics Store
  • Order from Unmanned Tech
  • Order from BYOD
  • Order from UAV store
  • Order from onDrone UK

The PX4 project has a lot more hardware units to offer, including an optical flow sensor board. Check out all PX4 hardware modules.


ETH Zurich is a leading university in the micro air vehicle research field and supports this project. PX4 is maintained by a volunteer community of students and PhD students of the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab.

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